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Need to build a Citizen Service Portal?

The large population and diverse demographic of our country pose multiple challenges for the Government to reach out to citizens or enterprises. Also, the dynamic needs and expectations of citizens for improved and efficient services are prompting government bodies to transform their traditional methods of providing public services.

The modern framework of the citizen service portal ensures a robust service delivery model with an efficient workforce across the country from rural pockets to major urban service centers.

Benefits of Citizen
Service Portal

The Government to Citizen (G2C) or Government to Business (G2B) Portal provides comprehensive information related to the latest updates on new government projects, online services, etc. Also, it provides links to important pages like:

  • Digital India platform – providing information related to digital infrastructure, digital government services and digital literacy

  • National Portal of India – providing access to information and services being provided by the Government

  • PM India Website- providing information relating to the Prime Minister’s Office

  • United Nations e-governance website – rendering a sneak-peek into data and surveys conducted on UN e-governance based on digital government practices and participation of citizen

IMP Smart Services

  • Recharge

  • Utility Bill

  • Travel

  • Insurance

  • G2C Services

  • Shopping

  • Domestic Money Transfer

  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

  • Aadhaar Pay

  • Account Opening

  • Prepaid Card

  • Cash Collection


Contribution towards
Facilitating Governance
and Empowering Citizens

Enriched with skills and experience, Uneecops’ smart Citizen Service Portal system helps the Government and its ministries to establish strong coordination with the end-consumers. The solution adds quality to government services and boosts transparency within the government system.

Uneecops’ advanced technological capabilities empower government institutions like the Government of Odisha to streamline their operational functions with a unified service portal and maximize their productivity.

Core Modules of Uneecops G2C Portal Service

  • Role based user Management

  • Masters Management

  • Alerts & Notification

  • Transaction Management

  • Services Management

  • Utilities Management

  • Dashboards

  • Grievance Redressal

  • Empanelment of SCA, ULE & VLE

  • MIS Reports

  • Third Party Integration

Features of Uneecops’
Citizen Service Portal Solution

Uneecops’ wide array of services in implanting digital governance solutions help in serving citizen needs faster with enhanced efficiency. These services empower the government to:

  • Deliver services at Citizen door-steps in far-flung remote locations

  • Bring Accountability, Efficiency & Transparency in the service delivery process

  • Foster the processes and gain citizens’ trust in government

  • Ditch manual tasks and ensure data security and accuracy

  • Better analyze data to make powerful decisions for citizens

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